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quarta-feira, 10 de julho de 2013

Don't cry

Don't cry, my dear.
Don't cry so hard, my dear.
The day may be ravished and scared today
but tomorrow, I assure you, and look deeply inside your heart,
tomorrow it will open a sweet, gentle, bright, warm sky
just to hug your sorrows, my dear.
The today is lying to you,
don't believe its madness and cruel smile,
the today is mocking your existence
and it genuinely believes you shouldn't have been born.
Don't pay attention to this painful present,
be sad but firm,
be quiet but angry,
be still but rough,
and let your time change your days into the sweetest thing
ever delivered on earth.
Don't cry, my dear,
because the tomorrow is arriving
and it will carry you gently in its lap
and it will lie you carefully on a heavenly ground
making every existing thing believe
you are worthy of their halo
and truly happy on your knees -
this is the humble position of those who are gods.
Accept my reverence.

Conceição Sousa

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